Kevin Rochay becomes Ambassador...


The Trustees of Lucy Air Ambulance for Children are delighted to welcome onboard new Ambassador Kevin Rochay, a pioneer in Media, Marketing and Commercial Strategy. He is an advisor to leaders around the world, a recognised authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations, organisational turnaround and peak performance. He has been honoured consistently for his strategic intellect by main board level and CEO's of Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies.

Mr Rochay is also a doting father to his six year old son; one of the driving reasons behind his decision to become an Ambassador for Lucy Air Ambulance for Children. He said recently in an informal interview:

"I can see the need for 'Lucy' is great. Children are our future and no matter who you are, or where you are, they [Children] are part of our family, our community and our lives. It is important to give every fighting chance available to allow any child the full and wondrous life that they deserve. As the father of a loving, fun and exuberant 6 year old boy who is a massive and unbelievable part of my life that I cherish every day, I have accepted a position of Ambassador for Lucy Air Ambulance for Children as their cause is close to my heart."
Kevin Rochay, Group Chairman and CEO of Rochay Group

Mr Rochay is excited to be involved with such a worthy and necessary cause and welcomes the opportunity to raise awareness to his network, connections and the Super-Rich readers of Rochay Elite Magazine and ultimately raise funds for this charity.

Kevin joins other Lucy Ambassadors, Dr Hilary Jones, Levi Roots, Dr Carol Cooper, Lucy Dimes, Lord Bilimoria, Sophie Berenice Scott, Monique Melis, Danny Dyer and Kate Hallam. Patron of the charity is Zara Phillips MBE.

This much-needed charity was established to improve transfer speeds of critically ill babies and children around the country into specialist centres. The charity works alongside the NHS to deliver the highest standards of service and to give the best survival chances to those requiring hospital transfers, mobilised at the request of the senior medical staff co-ordinating their care.

Corporate sponsors, fundraisers, sports team support and donations are being sought to help maintain this valuable service, via the website The Trustees will raise sufficient funds to provide transfers, initially by chartering aircraft and in time, through leasing their own dedicated helicopter equipped for all levels of medical dependency including intensive care. Having direct access to both rotary and fixed wing aircraft will enable Lucy to undertake all transfers on the most appropriate platform, depending on the care needs of the patient.