Introducing Richard Bandler

What distinguishes people who achieve what they want in life is the choices they make. Put simply, NLP is an approach to support you to make better choices. When your life becomes increasingly enriched and rewarded, and that is your reality more often than not, you'll find the right people gravitate towards you, ambassadors from your future. Obstacles that prevented you from achieving your desires melt away, presenting you instead with the possibilities you dreamt of.

Richard Bandler is the man it all starts with. A mathematician and musician fascinated by how people achieve the results they do, Richard's genius is to get to the core of what makes people shine. Decades of experience working with everyone from Olympic athletes to CEOs, top coaches, and those suffering in ways that led others to dismiss them, gives Dr Bandler insights that are valuable for all.

Don't make the mistake of believing for those who try to persuade you NLP can be learned from a book or online. Even many so-called trainers have little insight into the heart of NLP, having acquired bad habits from studying with people who were nowhere to be seen when Richard Bandler developed the key patterns and systems of NLP.

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More than a learning curve, the 7 Day NLP Practitioner Training spirals you into the kind of awareness and outlook that makes for a better life, now and in the years ahead.

  • deal with the unexpected more easily
  • gain insights into how others think
  • enhance your relationships
  • feel better, without having to have a reason
  • develop the kind of presence that inspires others
  • acquire the edge you need to succeed

The course, led by Richard Bandler, will be a voyage of discovery with insights every day, and plenty to laugh about, thanks to a unique training style that sometimes seems like stand-up comedy and is layered with case studies of change that become templates for transformation in your own life.

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