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Press Release 28/08/2015 London Luxury Expo goes Live...

Rochay Elite is delighted to anounce London Luxury Expo (LLX) has gone live for luxury sector exhibitors:

Press Release 14/08/2014 Three day weekends.

Mr Rochay has always dreamt of an equal and fair work/life balance for himself but in a recent informal interview Kevin realized that this shouldn't just be a goal for him and senior level Directors this should be for everyone working under the Rochay Banner and has said from this day onwards it is a rule of business that all working within the Rochay Group subsidiaries will hereby be given permanent three day weekends. If that wasn't the sign of a great boss what is?

Mr Rochay has always promoted a healthy work/life balance it is for this reason the question has been asked of all the Rochay Elite interviewees including Mr Paul McKenna, who openly admitted he hadn't managed a stable work/life balance in the past until he realized how counter-productive he had been saying; "When I was a workaholic I worked until I was burnt out and then I'd be out of the game for two weeks. Then I would go at it again at full strength, treating life as one big long sprint rather than a marathon and that would burn me out" now he has regular holidays and breaks to keep him at top form. Mr Rochay also recalls a 'Burn Out Past' before Rochay Index, Mr Rochay would often work until midnight and rise again at 3am for as much productivity as possible which unfortunately led to ill health "this is why I think its important to balance the week – 5 days at the office and only 2 at home, with the family and doing things you enjoy is not balanced! I want for my employees what I wanted for myself. No one ever gets to the end of their life and wishes 'gosh, I wish I had spent more time at the office'. So here it is The Announcement that Rochay Group's official hours end Thursday afternoon at 5pm"

The news has given everyone at Rochay a lasting smile. For the Rochay Group is now actively promoting a healthy balanced life and encourages others to do the same.

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Press Release 14/08/14                                                                Swimwear 2014

Rochay Elite has launched a Special Magazine to honor the female shape - it’s a chance for men to treat their ladies and for women to treat themselves (and their men). Swimwear 2014 has some amazing brands to boast about including the fabulous Victoria’s Secret, Chio di Stafania D, Orlebar Brown, OndadeMar, Marianna G and Biondi Couture and more.

The Swimwear Special also features exclusive interviews with Nicole De Carle alongside her fantastic structural collection and Heidi Gosman, creator of the Heidi Klien collection. Also featuring Kimberley Garner famous from Made In Chelsea.

With striking colours and empowering styles this year’s swimwear collection has heads turning from around the globe. Rochay Elite Special also has Video content which allows you to see the real beauty of the different collections.

App is available on all platforms and has direct links to the brand’s websites for purchase and comparisons.

Stand out this summer! Styles for all body shapes visit; CLICK HERE





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